Sevanagala Sugar factory exceeds expected target

(COLOMBO, LANKAPUVATH) –The harvest of Sevanagala Sugar factory of Lanka Sugar Company in the first cane season in 2020 has exceeded its target a month ahead. The amount of sugar produced so far is 16,000 metric tons.

The first sugar cane season, which began on January 17, is due to end on April 5. The target this year was to produce 16,000 metric tons of sugar from 234,000 metric tons of sugar cane.

Sevanagala Sugar Company Chairman Janaka Nimalachandra says that due to the introduction of new sugarcane varieties, the systematic use of recommended fertilizer and the increasing efficiency of the grinding machine, the desired target was achieved within a short period.

Permanent appointments given to employees under the contract and casual basis have led to increase their efficiency, the official said.

The management of Sevanagala Sugar Factory has decided to give a bonus of Rs. 75,000 per worker at the end of the first cane season.

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