GMOA advises government to stop relaxing curfew, emphasizes social distancing above 80%

(COLOMBO, LANKAPUVATH) – The Government Medical Officers’ Association (GMOA) advises people to practice social distancing and government to stop occasionally lifting the curfew to keep the COVID-19 coronavirus epidemic at bay.

Dr. Haritha Aluthge, Secretary of GMOA warned that If social distancing is not practiced, there is high risk that the epidemic will spread in the whole country.

“If social distancing is not practiced, there is high risk that we will move to stage 3B Village Cluster situation. Currently Sri Lanka is in stage 3A Home Cluster situation.”

Issuing a statement on the current situation of the coronavirus epidemic in the country Tuesday, the GMOA recommended ten measures to improve social distancing above 80 percent.

“The World Health Organization (WHO) has warned that given the current situation, measures should be taken to curb the spread of coronavirus at the moment, with stern action and aggressive responses,” the statement said.

The Government Medical Officers Association’s recommendations on measures to be taken to maintain social distance above 80% are as follows:

1. Emphasize the importance of all citizens staying in their homes as much as possible

2. Strengthen delivery of banking services, essential food and medicinal needs to homes

3. Immediately stop lifting the curfew

4. Minimize travel between districts as much as possible

5. Take tough decisions on hot spots where people congregate such as (Economic Centers, Fisheries Harbors, Money Markets including Trade Centers, Tea Factories) that can spread the disease throughout the country.

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