Ministry of Education issues instructions for the arrival and departure of the academic staff of schools

(COLOMBO, LANKAPUVATH) – The Ministry of Education has issued a code of instructions about how to conduct the arrival and the departure of academic staff of schools in relation to the process of reopening the government schools and government approved private schools that had been closed due to the spread of COVID-19 virus.

The instruction letter emphasizes that in the face of current uncertain situation, only the teachers who have been given the class timetables and other duties such as management, disciplinary and health activities must be called to the schools with the aim of minimizing the gathering of people in schools during the first stage (from 06th of July to 17th of July) and the second stage (from 20th of July to 24th of July) of reopening the schools.

Furthermore, the principals have been informed that the teachers who have not been given any duty or timetables for teaching must not be called to the school during these stages and the teachers entrusted with the duties must report to the work at 7.30 am and the opportunities must be given to them to leave the school when their allocated duties were finished.

And also, the instructions have been given saying that all the teachers must call for duties at 7.30 am and remain in the school until 1.30 pm as usual during the third stage (from the 27th of July) and the teachers who have been given the timetables to work till 3.30 pm must stay in the school until the end of that period.

All the officers in the academic staff reporting to work from the 27th of July must sign their arrival and departure in the appropriate attendance register (general 18) as usual.

The letter containing these instructions has been already directed to all Provincial Chief Secretaries, Provincial Education Secretaries, Provincial Directors of Education, Zonal Directors of Education, Heads of Pirivenas and all principals.

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