President pledges to secure financially stable future for upcountry vegetable farmers

(COLOMBO, LANKAPUVATH) – Sri Lanka President Gotabhaya Rajapaksa touring the central hill country on campaign trail pledged to secure a financially stable future for the upcountry vegetable farmers.

While touring Nuwara Eliya, President Rajapaksa stated that he would introduce a mechanism enabling vegetable farmers to sell their products at a fair price ultimately securing a financially stable future for them.

President highlighted that distribution of vegetables, fruits and other products should be carried out as quickly as possible benefiting both customer and the farmer.

The President made these pledges at a public gathering organized in Walapane Weekly Fair premises by former State Minister C.B Ratnayake and candidate Nimal Piyathissa to ensure the victory of the candidates contesting the general election from the Sri Lanka Podujana Peramuna (SLPP).

The farmers informed the President that the state bank loan system does not help them in their farming endeavors.

“State bank lending is not being done in a way that gives relief. Government institutions in Nuwara Eliya district are left with a number of vacancies. Appointees to these institutes opt for transfers to other areas in a short period of time, leaving their posts vacant. As a result residents of the area are driven to face a number of hardships in meeting their needs,” the farmers informed the President.

Students of the Poramadulla Central College made a request to the President to improve the state of their playground and connect it to their school with a bridge. President directed this request to the Army Commander and advised him to look into this issue and resolve it immediately. In addition, the President directed the other issues presented by the locals to the respective authorities.

The President directed the officials to investigate and report on the request made by the Maha Sangha to construct a Bhikku ward for the Walapane Hospital.

The President also participated in a public meeting organized by candidate Sathasivam Suppaiya at the Kandapola Pola premises. Farmers also requested the President to provide them with standard seed potatoes to address the shortage of Potatoes.

The resident of Nuwara Eliya requested the President to preserve the environment of Nuwara Eliya without harming the surrounding mountain range, at the public rally organized in close vicinity to Gregory Lake.

President Rajapaksa commended the self-employers’ “Budget pack” business venture to sell vegetables and fruits carried out by a group of local women. Issues in relation to the tourism industry and lands without deeds were also presented to the President.

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