National Birth Certificate to include new features

(COLOMBO, LANKAPUVATH) –The Registrar General’s Department has issued a statement clarifying the changes proposed to the new digital birth certificate.

The Registrar General’s Department said the new birth certificate, which will be issued to citizens after the completion of legal mechanisms, will include several new features.

The Department said limitations in the old certificate are removed in the new certificate introduced in 2019 and it is prepared with more security features to comply with national and international standards.

The new birth certificate will be called National Birth Certificate, the Department said.

The section on whether the parents are married, which was previously included in the birth certificate, is removed from the National Birth Certificate and it will be prepared in two languages.

The National Birth Certificate, which also includes an identification number issued at birth, is printed digitally on a more secure piece of paper.

It will also include an emergency contact, code number, watermark and hologram sticker, and will be issued with the signature of the Registrar General.

The Department of the Registrar General emphasized that while the religion, which is not present in the current birth certificate, will not be included in the National Birth Certificate, the nationality of the parents will be included in addition to the race.

The National Birth Certificate has not yet been released and will be released once the next steps are completed.

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