Special project to promote organic farming

(COLOMBO, LANKAPUVATH) –The Agriculture Ministry has decided to implement a special project from January 2021 to increase the production of organic fertilizer and promote organic farming among local farmers.

Accordingly, the Ministry plans to increase organic fertilizer production from one percent to 30 percent by the end of next three years.

During a special meeting held yesterday at the Ministry Auditorium, Agriculture Minister Mahindananda Aluthgamage highlighted the urgent need of finding peranant solution for the issues erupted due to the improper usage of chemical fertilizer. Further elaborating on this, Minister said that both farmers as well as consumers have to face various health issuess due to the overuse of cheical fertilizer. The Minister further highlighted the environmental polution that has resulted due to the usage of cheical fertilizer.

The Minister pledged to increase the subcidy given under the governent fertilizer subsidy programme for organic farers and purchase their produce at a high cost in order to encurage farmers to engage organic farming.

Under this programme, it is expected to increase oraganic fertilizer production at State fertilizer companies, provide technical assistance for organic fertilizer manufactures, introduce new technologies for the anufactures and also to grant tax reliefs for private manufactures. It is also expected to provide lands for the manufactures and supply raw materials and impolemnt a proper distribution procedure through State ingtervention.

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