Sri Lanka health authorities advise to minimize Christmas shopping

(COLOMBO, LANKAPUVATH) –With the spreading of COVID-19 coronavirus in the country, the Director General of Health Services has published a series of guidelines to be followed by the public during the Christmas/Festive season.

Issuing a statement, the Director General of Health Services said he looks forward to the maximum contribution of the institutional level and the public to prevent the spread of the dCOVID-19 during this Christmas and festive season, when there is a high risk of the spread of the virus in the country. This requires compliance with quarantine rules and regulations, it said.

Some of the measures public need to follow are;

1. Limit shopping this Christmas/Festive season.

2. Only one member of the family go shopping to purchase necessary items. (Do not accompany all family members as usual).

3. Whenever possible, go to the nearest store to buy the items you need when the crowd is low.

4. Avoid organizing party gatherings as usual during this festive season. Enjoy Christmas this year only among your household members.

5. Avoid kissing and greeting each other and greet while maintaining proper personal distance.

6. People with Non-communicable diseases / chronic diseases and older people are at higher risk of developing these complications. Therefore minimize exposing elderly to the virus. Avoid dragging them to crowded places and limit inviting guests to home.

7. Maintain proper spacing when queuing to pick up items. If someone not maintaining right distance, you have the right to inform him or her to be at the right distance from you. Also it is your social responsibility.

8. Use online options to purchase goods when online facilities are available.

9. Avoid trips, excursions and visiting relatives.

10. In addition, follow the usual routines such as wearing proper face masks when you go out of the house, maintaining proper spacing between people and hand washing.

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