Neha and Teddy’s Rainy Day Fun – A Delightfully Inspiring Story

(COLOMBO, LANKAPUVATH) –For a long time, children’s picture books have been recognised as an amazing way to introduce children to the wonders of reading, learning and literacy. Children have truly extraordinary imaginations, and picture books offer the perfect outlet for them to explore their creativity, curiosity and love for adventure from a tender age. Neha and Teddy’s Rainy Day Fun is a delightful picture book written by Tharani Skantharajah and illustrated by Champa Gunawardana, presented as a beautifully orchestrated story about the joyfulness of childhood and always pursuing one’s dreams.

The writer Tharani Skantharajah lives with her husband and her two year old daughter. She has demonstrated her own commitment to pursuing her own dreams and passions countless times. For seven years she worked in the private sector within the field of human resources, before deciding to stay at home with her daughter. Even whilst taking care of her family, however, she continued to work tirelessly for her ambitions and is at the moment continuing her career as an online ESL teacher for international students.

Neha and Teddy’s Rainy Day Fun is her first, and not to mention incredibly promising, pursuits, and is published by the reputable Queen of Sea Publishers in Sri Lanka. For 4-8 year olds, this marvellous picture books is ideal for some quiet story time as well as reading aloud. Touching and triumphant, this is the story of a child who refuses to let a wet and rainy day prevent her from having fun and exploring, and who goes on to have the adventures of a lifetime. With the power of her mind alone, she creates everlasting memories from within the four walls of her own home.

Neha and Teddy’s Rainy Day Fun is not only an exquisitely illustrated masterpiece, but it also has a wonderful story that will undoubtedly enrapture the creative wanderlust of any child. There are more than twenty illustrations created by the gifted Champa Gunawardana, and the friendly expressions of Neha and her Teddy only enhance the warmth and charm of this book. Neha and Teddy create an inspiring wonderland that children will absolutely adore to be a part of, and each rereading of the book will unearth a new adventure or insight.

Alongside the colourful illustrations and endearing storyline, this picture book has a hard cover in order to make sure that it remains in as good a condition as possible. What’s more, the papers are made with thick and high-quality paper so that it can endure wear and tear. There’s no doubt that this book will be a treasured, loved and much-used item in any family, and this is why every thought and attention to detail has gone into making sure that it can be read and re-read countless times by children and parents alike.

Every child has an innate desire to explore themselves as well as their surroundings, and it is this vivid creativity and spirit for adventure that makes them so inquisitive and open to learning, knowledge and ideas. Picture books are an amazing outlet for children to expand upon their vocabulary, literacy skills, reading abilities and their capability to understand and follow stories. Childhood is a time of endless wonder and fun, and this playful and feel-good picture book celebrates everything about this wonderful and pivotal time in life.

Children have brilliant imaginations and picture books can really enrich and nourish their natural curiosity and enthusiasm for reading and learning. In Neha and Teddy’s Rainy Day, Neha embarks on exciting adventures and activities with her beloved and loyal companion Teddy – with the power of her creativity alone Neha explores a dream world where inspiration, opportunity and fulfilment know no bounds. There’s no doubt that the little ones will be excitedly reliving Neha’s and Teddy’s adventures, joyfully pointing out the ones which match with their own daydreams and hopes.

The colourful vibrancy of this picture book appeals so strongly to children because it so perfectly reflects their own colourful and vibrant inner worlds. Whether it is for a family activity, bedtime story or a way to introduce child to reading and literacy, Neha and Teddy’s Rainy Day Fun is such an immensely satisfying read. At the heart of this wholesome and simple tale is a message that parents and children will equally relate to, and one which will resonate deeply in the hearts of young children. It is a message of hope, happiness and carefree fun – even on the rainy days.

Tharani Skantharajah

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