Bringing back the fun in food for healthy and happy kids

(COLOMBO, LANKAPUVATH) – It goes without saying that majority of growing kids are fussy eaters which doesn’t help the cause in trying to keep up with the healthy, nutritious eating habits. It’s difficult enough to feed the kiddos any type of food, keeping aside the unappetizing look of vegetables, fish or even grains, parents struggle with that balance of tasty, well presented healthy meal options.

It’s important that kids from a very young age are advised and well explained to about the nourishing elements of a variety of food items, keeping up with their daily requirements to ensure their growth. Fruits and veggies are almost an utmost necessity, along with lean proteins and grains where thereby would help them have that constant active energy whether it be to run around the playground or dance to their favorite songs. Take your kids grocery shopping which may just enhance their curiosity as well to the variety of foods available, this may just help to fill their plates up.

Astra has developed a very nifty staple with their NEWLY launched Astra Mayonnaise consisting of many valued nutrients to suit your kids needs. Astra Mayonnaise is made with soybean oil rich in omega 3 and 6. A 15g portion of Blue Band (Astra) Mayonnaise provides 1/3rd of the recommended daily allowance of Omega 3 and 2/3rd of the recommended daily allowance for omega 6. Astra Mayo is a good source of essential fats/Omega 3 & 6 which contains essential building nutrients for kids with the right nutrition and undeniable taste for daily diets.In a perfect example; a ‘classical club sandwich’ which generally would contain heavy butter with immensely saturated fats against that off Astras Mayo packed with nutrition and unsaturated fats maintaining the need to a healthy meal.

This is an all-purpose Mayo which therefore can be added to all those typically boring boiled vegetables, to any imperfect salad which is now made better andthose tuna sandwiches are now great again as well. That added extra Astra Mayo especially to kids would be somewhat of a cheat code to them, which could certainly be that defining factor in cleaning up their entire plate of food and you’d be surprised with them now even ASKING FOR MORE.

Family meals made tastier and healthier with these kid-friendly recipes

Breakfast Burritos

These burritos can protein packed where the kids would have their tummies filled till lunch at least. Scramble those eggs, add some beans and top it off with this mouthwatering Astra Mayo which is rich in Omega 3&6 for a delightfully delicious breakfast.

Egg Salad Sandwich

Scramble those eggs, add some fresh celery, relish with a pinch salt & pepper and Astra Mayo. Sandwich this consistent filling between your bread and you’ve got yourself a simple yet nutritious meal.

Homemade falafel (chickpea cutlets) with Astra Mayo

This Middle-eastern deep friend classic is made better with Astra Mayo added to it. Simple mashed chickpeas shaped into a patty, Astra Mayo and let the frying begin. Once again rich in protein and Omega so get rid of those processed nuggets for good.

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