Renovated Pettah Floating Market opened for public again

(COLOMBO, LANKAPUVATH) –Marking another milestone in the massive development of Colombo Pettah and surrounding areas under the three themes of a Commercial Center, a Historic City and a Commercial City, the Pettah Floating Market, which was completely renovated on the instructions of the President and the Prime Minister was reopened to the public Wednesday (07).

The Floating Market and the Pettah area are being developed on the grounds that they were left neglected under the previous government.

The Floating Market, which opened on August 25, 2014, was developed on a concept of President Gotabhaya Rajapaksa when he was the Secretary to the Ministry of Defense and Urban Development. It was renovated on the instructions and guidance of the President and the present Prime Minister Mahinda Rajapaksa.

As the Minister of Urban Development and Housing, the Prime Minister instructed the Urban Development Authority to carry out these activities properly.

One of the main objectives of the present Government is to implement a proper urban development plan for Pettah which has been a disordered city for a long time and the surrounding areas of the city and the Floating Market was completely renovated as one of the steps.

The reopened floating market has 103 stalls and the previous government let 80% of the stalls to close without any basis. Built at a cost of Rs. 312 million, the mall’s original plan was to earn 50% of the total cost in five years.

The Government is focusing on developing a plan that will enable this Floating Market complex and related development projects to continue in earnest creating innovative businesses and providing fresh experiences to local tourists to attract tourists


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