SLT-MOBITEL Illuminates Hearts with the Light of Dhamma for Vesak 2021

(COLOMBO, LANKAPUVATH) – SLT-MOBITEL, the National ICT, Telecommunications and Mobile Services Provider, launched a national effort to light up hearts affected by the pandemic, through the illumination of colourful Vesak lanterns and lights at the SLT head office. SLT Group Chairman, Rohan Fernando, symbolically lit the first Vesak lantern on the 25th of May, in the presence of Senior Management of SLT-MOBITEL in strict adherence to COVID-19 guidelines.

This year, SLT-MOBITEL’s Vesak theme is the ‘Singalovada Sutta’, emphasising on the Buddist code of discipline for people, and the happiness that can be derived in this present life by understanding and living by our responsibilities and duties towards our myriad social relations. As part of its endeavour to spread the light of Vesak to all hearts, SLT-MOBITEL utilized mainstream media and social media platforms to carry the message of the ‘Singalovada Sutta’, creating a conversation around the most suitable manner to carry out our daily lives as part of a larger society.

Mentioning on the religious grounding and importance of the initiative, SLT Group Chairman, Rohan Fernando stated. “Vesak is the holiest of days for all Buddhists around the world. In Sri Lanka, this Vesak comes at a tough time as the government valiantly works towards protecting the nation from an unpredictable pandemic. Our theme this Vesak, the ‘Singalovada Sutta’, emphasizes individual responsibility in the protection of the collective. I believe it aptly resonates with our current predicament as we put away the usual festivities, and prioritise the value placed on social consideration at the most difficult times. We would like to dedicate our lantern and lights display as an amisa pooja offering to Lord Buddha.”

As a national service provider impacting lives of every Sri Lankan, SLT-MOBITEL has been at the forefront of providing for the nation. The company and its people have been proactive in providing pandemic relief for Sri Lankans at the grassroots level, while on a national scale SLT-MOBITEL has focused on the connectivity needs of the most vulnerable including children studying online, and grownups restricted to their homes due to COVID-19 regulations. SLT-MOBITEL was one of the first and biggest contributors to the Itukama national fund to combat COVID, and has joined hands with the Government of Sri Lanka to provide connectivity for the most rural and inaccessible places in Sri Lanka, through its ‘Gamata Sannivedanaya’ program.

SLT-MOBITEL wishes all Sri Lankans a blessed Vesak with hearts full of the light of goodness and virtue as we support the national effort for elimination of COVID through our socially responsible contributions.




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