Sri Lanka was able to stand as an independent nation due to assistance of Chinese Community Party and leftist movement – PM

(COLOMBO, LANKAPUVATH) – The Prime Minister Mahinda Rajapaksa Tuesday said Sri Lanka was able to stand before the world as an independent nation due to the support of the Chinese Communist Party and our leftist movement.

Prime Minister Mahinda Rajapaksa made this statement addressing the 100th anniversary of the Chinese Communist Party through video technology at Temple Trees yesterday afternoon (15).

In his address the Premier said “we all know that the rise of Asia is due to the rise of China in this century,” and that historic victory was given by the Chinese Communist Party that was established 100 years ago.

“China is not just a country, China is a huge civilization. China was invaded by various countries but China never invaded other countries. It is also a country that has made the largest population in the world believe in a self-sufficient economy. Not only that, China is seen as a country built on agriculture based on its trust. That is why I say that China is a greatest civilization.”

He said China has been developed into a world power today because the Chinese Communist Party recognized the mark of that civilization.

Highlighting the historical similarities between China and Sri Lanka, the Premier said the two nations maintained the same state, language and religion ever since. Our historical similarities as well as friendships are very powerful. “Our historical similarities as well as friendships are very powerful.”

The Prime Minister said China as a powerful country has greatly helped to preserve Sri Lanka’s independence. “It has helped us to grow economically. Sri Lankans still remember the China Rice-Rubber Agreement. We can never forget China’s service to Sri Lanka’s independence at the UN Human Rights Council. I always say China is our oldest friend in terms of history.”

“It was the Communist Party of Sri Lanka that brought the Chinese Communist Party so close to us. In the past, Buddhism connected China and Ceylon. After independence, the Communist Party was the first to build relations between us. Like the Chinese Communist Party, the Communist Party of Ceylon respects many things that are based on Sri Lankan civilization. We rely on a national economy, an independent country and a local industrial system, including agriculture.”

“I must say that it was the support of the Chinese Communist Party and our leftist movement that helped us to rise independently in the world as a non-aligned nation. We ended the war on separatism and terrorism under a government that worked with the Left parties including the Communist Party. We forever appreciate the sacrifices made by the Chinese Government for our independence during and after the war. It was a great contribution to the independence of a country in Asia in the history of the Chinese Communist Party.,” the Prime Minister continued.

“The world has changed. Our country has also changed. After the Industrial Revolution passed the Technological Revolution Today there is a young generation in the cyber age. What we have today is not the political ideas that existed then. But we must remember that to win all the rights we enjoy today, leftist movements like the Communist Party of the progressive political forces of the past fought endlessly. No matter how different the world is, one thing we must remember. The Communist Party has always stood for equality.”

The idea of equality is still valid in the world today, the Prime Minister said adding that he was confident that the Chinese Communist Party, which had made a huge sacrifice for that, would continue to be committed to world equality in the future.

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