Canada to partner with Sri Lanka to advance shared objectives

(COLOMBO, LANKAPUVATH) –Canada says it will work with the Government of Sri Lanka and with our many partners on the ground to advance these shared objectives.

In a message to mark Canada Day 2021, the High Commissioner of Canada to Sri Lanka, David McKinnon said that amidst the pandemic and recent events, Canada us foregoing formal celebrations this year, and instead taking a moment to commemorate.

Canadians at home and around the world are encouraged to mark the occasion with their families at home or in line with guidance from local health authorities.

“As we continue vaccination efforts in Canada, we are simultaneously supporting the global response, including in Sri Lanka, where we are supporting the sourcing of vaccines, supplies and assistance for the response to COVID-19. Much of this has relied on the support of partners around the world and we thank them for that,” he said.

Canada Day is a celebration of Canada’s greatest strength: its people. The vibrant and diverse Canada we know today began with the long history of its indigenous people. Canadians now proudly trace their roots to all over the world.

“Their diverse stories and experience contribute so much to our country. We continue to welcome migrants – permanent residents, students, refugees – from all over the world, including Sri Lanka. I am proud of the fact that Canada boasts one of the largest Sri Lankan origin diasporas in the world, drawn particularly from the Tamil community, but also with large and dynamic Sinhalese and Sri Lankan Muslim representation as well. These people-to-people links are at the heart of our longstanding ties, which include strong economic, official, and educational links as well,” the High Commissioner said.

The High Commissioner said that in the coming months, there will be a chance to build back better and Canada will take this opportunity to promote respect for human rights, foster inclusion, advance gender equality and women’s empowerment; to address the inequalities of poverty exacerbated by the pandemic; and, to find more innovative and sustainable avenues for international trade and economic development.

He said Canada will also look forward to working with the Government of Sri Lanka and with their many partners on the ground to advance these shared objectives.

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