Clinic treats some diseases with cannabis in Thailand

(LANKAPUVATH | THAILAND) – Kancharak Wellness Clinic in Pathum Thani Province became the very first clinic to use Cannabis for treatment in Thailand which had been officially registered and approved by the Thai Ministry of Public Health since the country announced the movement of all parts of Cannabis and Hemes, except for Cannabis’ inflorescence and seed, from type-5 drugs lists in the Thai government gazette on December 15th, 2020.

Thitirat Chareonarg , manager of the clinic, stated that there were many Thais who still see Cannabis as a drug while most of the people don’t understand clearly about pros and cons of it, adding that the many properties of cannabis treat diseases more than other herbs.

Pharmacist Prakob Jianmareong, Headman of Thai Traditional and Alternative Medicine Unit, Nakhon Ratchasrima Provincial Public Health Office, emphasized the need to establish integrated cannabis clinics as traditional Thai clinics across the country, including traditional cannabis prescription doctors and cannabis-trained traditional medicine doctors from the Medical Services Department to treat patients.

Ministry of Public Health has also been continuously promoting Thai Traditional Medicine doctors to work together with Conventional Medicine doctors to heal many chronic diseases especially in terms of pain relief.

Source: A24 News Agency

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