Arimac unveils ‘NERO’ – South Asia’s biggest stealth-action shooter

(COLOMBO, LANKAPUVATH) –Arimac Digital, Sri Lanka’s premier digital solutions company, recently unveiled the early access build of its upcoming stealth-action shooter and South Asia’s biggest game title – NERO. The game is now available for PC via the Steam video game digital distribution service.

Based on a completely fictional story, NERO will provide players with an immersive single-player campaign across infinite areas of lush terrain, breath-taking tropical forests, and gushing rivers. Players will need to track down and eliminate targets hidden deep into enemy territories and sabotage heavily guarded military bases.

The game’s gripping story of a soldier out on an exceptional mission allows players to step boldly into the virtual boots of a legendary sniper, and infiltrate varied locations and face ever-changing challenges. Tactical thinking, stealth approach, and long-shot skills are essential to conquer these perilous missions.

Although the name of the game is a salute to the nickname of a veteran sniper who served in the Sri Lankan army, the game does not specifically depict that character but rather portrays the daunting and emotional journey of any soldier who courageously accepts the challenges of war with the unflinching heart of a hero. NERO has many systems which help players to tackle a mission in any preferred style. To accommodate stealth-oriented players, NERO has many mechanisms like whistling and pelting stones to attract or distract enemies. When close to an enemy, the player can even perform silent takedowns.

Even amidst the pandemic, the eSports industry records a booming growth, globally. According to the latest research by Newzoo on global games market, Asia Pacific region alone is the driver for the biggest game revenue, valuing at a staggering $88.2Bn (50%) out of the total forecasted revenue of $175.8Bn in 2021. It is also forecasted that the revenue will exceed $218 Bn by 2024. The inclusion of eSports as a demonstration sport at the 2018 Asian Games, as well as the involvement of Sri Lankans, motivated the National Olympic Committee of Sri Lanka (NOCSL) to endorse its official recognition as a legitimate sport. Further, Sri Lanka became the first South Asian country to declare eSports as a national sport by the Ministry of Sports, forecasting a positive future for the eSports and game development industry in Sri Lanka.

Chamira Jayasinghe, Founder and CEO of Arimac Digital said: “In an era where eSports is making waves in the world economy, the launch of NERO marks the beginning of Sri Lanka’s foray into the global game market and showcases the immense talent of our homegrown developers. We are eager to see how players around the world will experience our game. All core gameplay systems and content for NERO are done and playable! We hope to gather feedback from the game community in Sri Lanka, which we can use to enhance the gameplay and make NERO available to the wider audience of game enthusiasts internationally.”

NERO comprises skills upgrade systems to deepen the favoured gameplay. The landscape on which the game is set encompasses diverse environments and weather inspired by real-life scenarios in the South Asian Region. The game is voiced and subtitled with cinematic and comic cutscenes and includes hidden game objectives for collecting story lore and bonus points to encourage exploration.

“Our success today is undoubtedly due to the deep commitment, passion, and skill of our employees. None of these achievements would have been a reality if not for the continued and dedicated efforts of our family of employees. As we step into a new decade, we stand strong and focused to further revolutionise this digital sphere and keep Sri Lanka on the map as a star destination in Asia for technology solutions,” added Jayasinghe.

Over the past decade, Arimac Digital has impacted over 30,000 young minds through various community development programs like Arimac Hero to help them achieve digital literacy through game development. With the launch of NERO, Arimac Digital will continue its efforts in nurturing the minds of the future by providing gamers with platforms and opportunities to make waves in the world of games.

Track down and eliminate your targets deep into enemy territories and sabotage heavy guarded military bases with all the tools at your disposal. Along with a PC title, NERO will include a mobile multiplayer title, a hyper-casual game title, a comic book series, a digital asset library, and branded merchandise. Learn more about NERO at

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