Anti-Trafficking in Persons Authority in Tunisia publishes 2020 report

(LANKAPUVATH | TUNISIA) – The annual report of the Anti-Trafficking in Persons Authority for the year 2020, stated that 907 cases of trafficking in persons were reported in Tunisia in 2020, with the number of cases decreasing this year, after it was around 1313 in 2019, while the authority recorded an increase in the sale of children by 63% in 2020.

Remarkably, a child trafficking case was recorded for the first time, with a more than 100% increase in cases of sexual exploitation.

The report reviewed by the authority included the registration of cases of organ trafficking, as well as trafficking cases done by minors.

The Minister of Justice stated, in an official position, that a committee will be constituted to review the outcomes of the annual report and to follow up the reasons behind the figures included.

The head of the authority pointed out that cybercrime is the strangest and most common type of crime in Tunisia.

Source: A24 News Agency

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