Chemical odors behind detection of dangerous waste smuggling in Lopburi

(LANKAPUVATH | THAILAND) – The complaints of farmers in Lopburi Province, Thailand, about the existence of chemical odors leaking inside their agricultural lands, led to the discovery of several tanks with the capacity of 200 liters, weighing no less than 500 tons, buried at a depth of more than two meters, were intended for smuggling, and contained chemicals such as toluene, methyl ethyl ketone and butyl acetate, all of which are toxic and flammable substances.

Samples of waste were collected and revealed that it has a high pH value and is cancerous.

Officials of the Environment Organization stated that the province suffers from pollution, which necessitated the proper disposal of waste, however, it was smuggled to the Lopburi.

A Thai environmental organization stated in 2018 that China exports a very large amount of chemical waste to Thailand, especially electronic and plastic waste.

Source: A24 News Agency

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