Buddhists join Todd Kathin Festival amid outbreak of COVID

(LANKAPUVATH | THAILAND) – Within the first 2 weeks after the end of Buddhist Lent, new clusters in Tod Kathin festivals were reported from 7 provinces, causing the Ministry of Public Health and many medical personals to warn people to be more cautious joining the festival.

Meanwhile, some temples avoided taking risks by accepting merit money through ‘Online Tod Kathin’. Still, many Buddhists gathered up and arranged the festival.

Anchalee Boonyookong, head of Baan Wang Dokmai Volunteers and one of the Buddhists who join the Tod Kathin festival at Wang Dokmai temple, explained that Tod Kathin is one of the annual religious ceremonies which Thai Buddhists have been arranging for generations and it is also the responsibility of the Buddhists in each village to nourish their temple.

Phra Palad Visitha Deshavaro, the abbot of Wang Dokmai temple, suggested people be conscious and not be afraid, adding that by being conscious and learning all the facts in detail, everyone would be able to prevent themselves from any epidemics and dangers.

Source: A24 News Agency


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