Ghar el Melh town, a distinctive agricultural experiment in seawater irrigation

(LANKAPUVATH | TUNISIA) – Ghar el Melh town, located in north-eastern Tunisia, is known not only for its wonderful beaches but also for a distinctive agricultural system locally and globally, which is “Ramli Agriculture”, that depends on sea water irrigation, which occurs between three beaches, the fresh lake beach, Sebkha el Melah beach and the Mediterranean beach.

The land supply high quality and delicious vegetables and fruits over the year because they rely on the underground water inside the soil for their irrigation and on the agricultural standards and norms passed down for hundreds of years.

The Food and Agriculture Organization “FAO” added the traditional “Ramli Agriculture” system on the lagoons of Ghar El Melh, to the List of Globally Important Agricultural Heritage Systems, in mid-2020, because it does not depend on water resources depletion.

Source: A24 News Agency

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