DTW International Private Limited Introduces ‘Natular DT’in Sri Lanka

DTW InternationalPrivate Limited in collaboration with UPL Limited and Clarke recently introduced Natular DT,a mosquito breeding sites controlling product designed to aid Sri Lanka in the fight against dengue and Culex mosquito-borne illnesses. Natular DT is a tablet formulation developed specifically for containerized water bodies such as gutters, rainwater collecting tanks, roof top catchments, ornamental pools and any other area of a home front that collects water.

With over 50,000 documented dengue infections each year, DTW International Private Limited presents Natular DT as a successful method for controlling difficult-to-control dengue mosquito breeding locations in Sri Lanka. Natular DT has been released in Sri Lanka for the first time; this product has previously debuted successfully in the U.S.A, Brazil, Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, the Philippines and Bangladesh. The pill composition is 100 percent organic and will manage 200 liters of water for 60 days. It is specifically developed for container water, including man-made bodies of water, to reduce dengue and Culex mosquito breeding. This product is intended to assist the general public in eliminating mosquito breeding in difficult-to-drain water containers.

DTW International Private Limited Chairman, Irwin Weerasinghe commented on the initiative; “We have tremendous pleasure in introducing ‘Natular DT’ to Sri Lanka. Because dengue fever has been a persistent problem in the nation, we anticipate that the pill formulation will be extremely beneficial in effectively controlling the disease’s spread. It is a secure approach for all homes, businesses, and educational institutions. The solution reduces the chances of your family members contracting dengue fever without a hassle,” he said.

‘Natular DT’ is a revolutionary green solution that received the ‘U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Presidential Green Chemistry Award’ in 2010. The prize is one of the most prominent environmental honors bestowed by the United States government. With resistance-fighting larvicide, it boasts unrivaled effectiveness and unprecedented simplicity of use.

“Clarke-Public Health Mosquito Control and Aquatic Services, U.S.A. manufactures the product, which isapprovedand authorized by the World Health Organization (WHO) and Registrar of Pesticides of Sri Lanka. Prior to their approval, the National Dengue Control Unit (NDCU) and the Medical Research Institute of Sri Lanka (MRI) conducted clinical studies. As a result, we can confidently state that ‘Natular DT’ will do the needful in making your surroundings safe for you”. Weerasinghe added.

For over two decades, DTW International Private Limited has worked in strategic partnership with UPL to provide supply solutions to the Agricultural and Public Health Sector. It also offers strategic supply solutions to a few additional industry verticals. UPL Limited, headquartered in India, is the world’s fifth largest Crop Protection Input manufacturing company, with a rapidly expanding presence in innovative environmental protection solutions. The collaboration has provided many innovative solutions to the agricultural and Public Health sectors over the years.

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