Religious Leaders meet Pakistan High Commissioner to share grief

(LANKAPUVATH | COLOMBO) – Representatives from all faiths met the Acting High Commissioner of Pakistan Tanvir Ahamed to express their solidarity towards Pakistan consequent upon the brutal killing of a Lankan migrant worker in Sialkot.

The team comprising members of the clergy was led by Al-Haj Ash Seyed Dr. Hassan Maulana Al-Quadir, Coordinator for Muslim Religious and Cultural Affairs including Shri Athbodi Viharaya Colombo Chief Incumbent Ven. Dr. Galagama Dhammaransi Thero, Dr. Siva Shri Babu Sharma Ramachandran Kurukkal, Coordinator for Hindu Religious and Cultural Affairs and Rev. Father Dr. Sixtus Kurukulasuriya Coordinator for Christian Religious and Cultural Affairs.

Shri Athbodi Viharaya Colombo Chief Incumbent Ven. Dr. Galagama Dhammaransi Thero while expressing the regret over the tragedy, said it was a terrorist act and does not reflect a community. Extremism should be abhorred in all forms and it is the duty of all citizens to strengthen people to people relations between the two countries through mutual understanding.

“Pakistan has been promoting Buddhist culture in their own soil to build better bridges with the people of Sri Lanka,” the Thera said requesting the high commission to help the family members of the deceased.

Father Kurukulasuriya said that Pakistan premier Imran Khan is a famous cricketer who believes in fair play and justice and Sri Lankans are confident that he will not only book the perpetrators but also give them the maximum punishment for the heinous crime.

Rev. Babu Sharma said, “Understanding situations and acting accordingly for the welfare of the people should be the policy of the lawmakers as well as their citizens.

Hassan Moulana said at a time like this demands tolerance, compromise and mutual understanding to console one another. He said the meeting will be followed by a visit to the family of the deceased in the afternoon.

“We feel sorry about the incident which had embarrassed the entire Pakistan and put Sri Lanka in grief. The deceased has been working in Pakistan for more than 10 years and his two brothers are still working in the country,” Tanvir Ahamed told the delegates, assuring that his mission would help the family which has been survived by two children and wife.

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