Medicinal mushrooms grown on sea buckthorn waste in Mongolia

(LANKAPUVATH | MONGOLIA) – The Mongolian master’s student, Monkhjargal, could successfully grow world-famous and expensive mushrooms; the Cordyceps militaris, a mushroom known as “worm grass”, on animal waste, sea buckthorn stalks, and seed waste, which is rich in many medicinal substances and edible as well.

Mushrooms have been used recently to extract medicinal substances, and in several biological supplements, medicines, cosmetics, and even veterinary medicine.

Monkhjargal aims to unite mushroom farmers under the “Cultivated Mushroom Value Chain” NGO to raise awareness of the importance of cultivated mushrooms, increase yields, and intensify experiments and research on medicinal and other new species of mushrooms.

It is mention-worthy, that the price of edible mushrooms is $5, while the price of medicinal mushrooms is $500.

Source: A24 News Agency

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