Mongolian Capital has 3 times its capacity of vehicles, resulting in traffic crisis

(LANKAPUVATH | MONGOLIA) – According to a City Governor’s Office research, Ulaanbaatar people spend 2.5 hours per day and 35 days per year stuck in traffic.

The entire cost of this squandered opportunity is 2.7 trillion MNT, with the amount expected to rise to 24 trillion by 2025 if the current trend continues where 78 percent of the roadways in Ulaanbaatar are crowded.

According to Namuun, the city’s traffic management chief, Ulaanbaatar’s road capacity is 20-25 km/h, with an average speed of 230,000 cars, however, an average of 620,000 vehicles are involved in traffic in the capital city every day. This means that the traffic is three times higher than the average speed which is 7-13 km / h.

Source: A24 News Agency

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