Organisations work hard to put an end to violence against LGBT in Cambodia

(LANKAPUVATH | CAMBODIA) – Cambodia is a very traditional society where 81% of LGBT people are victims of domestic violence once they tell their parents that they love people of the same gender.

The families cannot accept the sexuality and lifestyle choice of their LGBT children and often force them out of the family, or put pressure on them, such as depriving them of school fees or forcibly marrying them off to people they do not like.

According to some books of life in the middle ages, the roots of the problem go back to a long time, where most families believe that their children’s passion is not natural as the result of their being affected by the environment around them, including friends and acquaintances.

Some even think that it is related to their diet containing chemicals that cause such feelings. The MIRF organization is working hard to bring awareness of domestic abuse, help LGBT deal with the daily issues they face, and support them.

Source: A24 News Agency

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