Foreign Ministry says social media reports on a Sri Lankan national to be sentenced to death in Kuwait false

(LANKAPUVATH | COLOMBO) –Foreign Ministry states that reports published on social media regarding a Sri Lankan national to be sentenced to death in Kuwait are untrue.

Issuing a statement, the Foreign Ministry said the attention of the Sri Lanka Embassy in Kuwait has been drawn to video clips, circulating in the social media platforms, regarding a Sri Lankan national named Krishnan Siriyanie Chandralatha.

A video circulating on social media has reportedly shown that a woman named Krishnan Syrianie Chandralatha is to be sentenced to death in Kuwait.

On hearing the information, a complaint was made to Kuwait Police authorities on 21 December, 2021 and their assistance was requested to trace the whereabouts of Siriyanie Chandralatha, in order to verify the information regarding her condition.

With the assistance of Kuwait Police, the Embassy officials located Chandralatha at her work place and she was brought to the Embassy on 22 December, 2021.

Upon inquiry, it was found that Siriyanie Chandralatha had given false information to her children, in order to return to Sri Lanka, as her current employer was delaying her return.

Further, she confirmed that her salaries were paid on time and she did not face any kind of harassment or threat from the employer or anyone.

After completion of the investigation by Kuwait authorities, her return will be facilitated by the Embassy, the Foreign Ministry said.

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