Share peace and love with community – PM


(LANKAPUVATH | COLOMBO) –Prime Minister Mahinda Rajapaksa said God’s love must be shared with all this Christmas season.The Great Christmas festival, a symbol of peace and love on earth, commemorates the birth of Jesus Christ. God’s love and human dignity were a reliable foundation for a society that accepts humanity. Born in a manger in a poor cattle shed in Bethlehem, Jesus set an example from his birth to look at the world realistically. Those with wonderful hearts share peace. They also love the enemy who hates them.

Love revives their lives in the sense of peace and brotherhood. Jesus Christ devoted his whole life to liberating the oppressed people of society and creating a better society on earth.

The life of every Christian is enlightened by properly recognizing that vision and shaping their lives according to the life of Jesus Christ with spiritual purity.

It’s up to you to bring new meaning to a world shattered by the COVID pandemic, as well as to make Christmas meaningful through the good wishes of hope.

I wish that under the theme “Starlight, Christian Birth, Awakening of the World,” this Christmas will be a meaningful Christmas where every Christian in the world and in Sri Lanka as well can enjoy the wonder of a real Christmas!

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