Coastal farmers call for compensation after being affected by freshwater floods

(LANKAPUVATH | THAILAND) – Coastal farmers in the Klong Dan sub-district are suffering as the government released freshwater into the sea, causing the deaths of aquatic animals raised in more than 4,000 rai of ponds, more than 20 million baht in damage, 140 farmers affected, but no agencies have come to help.

The owner of the Cockle Pond said that around June 2021, the upper central and northeastern provinces of Thailand encountered flooding.

The government ordered to accelerate the drainage of freshwater into the sea and announced the Samut Prakan Province a disaster area.

However, the damage reached the Klong Dan Sub-district, and the farmers there understand the difficult situation about the flood allowing government agencies to expedite the discharge of fresh water into the sea at Khlong Dan Subdistrict.

After the flooding problem has subsided, 140 coastal farmers in Khlong Dan Subdistrict still have not been taken care of for refraining from compensation under the government regulations.

So, today we have come together to protest and ask for justice from relevant agencies to help.

The quality of the seawater is getting better, and they can do coastal fishing as usual but the group of farmers complained that no money is left to invest in a career; therefore, appealed to the relevant agencies to urgently solve their problems the way they did with the coastal farmers in the Bang Bo area, who were allocated 5 million baht to pay compensation.

Source: A24 News Agency

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