Atlas SipSaviAdds Valueto Lives of Underprivileged Children at Annual RidiViharaya Outreach Programme for 19th Consecutive Year

(LANKAPUVATH | COLOMBO) – Atlas, Sri Lanka’s leading stationery and learning brand, conducted the annual RidiViharaya Outreach Programmeto donate school supplies for 2,300 underprivileged children for the 19th consecutive year. Led by the Atlas SipSaviProgramme, the donation was held under the patronage of the Venerable ThibbatuwaweBuddharakkithaThero, the NayakeThero of the RidiViharaya, Ridi Gama and Member of the Kaaraka Sangha Sabha of the Malwatu Chapter. This year’s event also saw Atlas books being presented to 100 student monks.

Asitha Samaraweera, Managing Director of Atlas Axillia Co. (Pvt) Limited shed light on the importance of equal learning opportunities for children. “Over the 62+ years of serving children across Sri Lanka, we have come to know their different situationsintimately and we’re committed to doing our very best to find learning solutions foreach and every child. Our programme with the RidiViharayadates back to nearly two decades, and we have brought the initiative under the Atlas SipSavi banner to concentrate our efforts in helping the future generations of our nation.Furthermore, every time someone buys an Atlas book, there is a portion that goes into the Atlas SipSavi Scholarship fund and recently we initiated the SipSavi Virtual Panel Discussion to drive a conversation around the plight of underprivileged children in Sri Lanka whose education has been hindered by the loss of parents and economic difficulties.”

“The longstanding partnership between Atlas and RidiViharaya has helped thousands of children to continue their education over the past 18 years. I am extremely thankful for Atlas for theirgenerous contribution and dedication, especially during these trying times faced by parents as well as children,”stated Venerable ThibbatuwaweBuddharakkithaThero commenting on the program.

Committed to the welfare of children, the Atlas SipSavi Scholarship Programme was created in partnership with the Department of Probation and Childcare Services to bring relief and raise awareness of the 22,000 underprivileged children in Sri Lanka who drop out of school early every year.Additionally, the programmeempowers students in rural communitiesaround the country through school supplies and book donations as well as school infrastructure development to create equal learning opportunities. Last year alone, Atlas was able to support over 14,400 children to continue their education.

Atlas has a vision to expand the SipSaviProgramme through multiple partnerships with the aim of benefiting more children.The SipSavi initiative also seeks to increase awareness of children dropping out of schoolamongst the public with the aim of driving more community involvement and action to support the education of underprivileged children at a national level.

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