Classic Travel and Classic Sri Lanka team up with influential travel vlogger Jay Palfrey

(LANKAPUVATH | COLOMBO) –Classic Travel, an IATA accredited travel agent based in Sri Lanka and a member of the prestigious Expolanka Group of Companies, and destination management company Classic Sri Lanka have teamed up with content creator and travel vlogger Jay Palfrey to welcome global travellers back to Sri Lanka after the enduring travel slump from the COVID-19 pandemic.

Jay Palfrey is a British vlogger or video blogger known for making travel videos. He runs a self-titled YouTube channel@JayPalfrey that has over 1 million subscribers with over 37 million total views.He also publishescontent on Instagram and TikTok under the handles@itsjaupalfreyand @jaypalfreytravel.

It is also very encouraging to see our very own Sri Lankan content creators like Ruzaina Hadgie – @theminoritytastedoing projects for Sri Lanka to boost tourism and we were very happy to collaborate and be partners for this project with Jay Palfrey.

“Sri Lanka is a land of diversity — from the people, culture and cuisine to the scenic landscape and wildlife —that people around the worldneed to visit as soon as possible,” said Jay Palfrey. “Classic Wild was an amazing experience, and I love their ethos for tourism. Diversity is not harmed, and I absolutely adore how they do not approach animals, and race around the park. Their work is done with care, huge attention to detail, and at a high excellence. I want to Thank Classic Sri Lanka and Classic Travel for their immense support and for flying me down. The country is open and ready to receive you with open and warm arms.”

Sri Lanka’s economy is reliant on international tourism, a once-flourishing sector that has been impacted by pandemic restrictions. But there have been continual government efforts to boost domestic travel, and measures to support returning international demand after the country began reopening to vaccinated international travellers.

“From a tourism perspective, Jay’s work provides us with a great opportunity to showcase the natural beauty and authenticity of Sri Lanka,” said Shiham Imamudeen, CEO, Classic Travel. “By working with travel influencers, we can showcase Sri Lanka as a desirable destination and boost the country’s popularity with travellers.”

Classic Travel is a comprehensive travel solutions provider. It is the only travel agent in Sri Lanka to be open 24 hours, 365 days of the year for any customer queries relating to flight information, purchasing of air tickets, booking of hotels or to discuss any future holiday travel itineraries.To learn more about Classic Travel, visit

“Working with influencers like Jay is a wonderful way to reach new audiences on a personal level and convey a relatable, authentic point of view,” said Zafrana Nafees, Head of Marketing, Classic Travel.“We hope to work with more influencers and content creators toattract more people across multiple touchpoints to Sri Lanka.”

Classic Sri Lanka is a destination management company and leading authority on experiential wildlife and nature-based travel. To learn more about Classic Sri Lanka, visit

“We are honoured to partner with Jay Palfrey to contribute in this journey to elevate tourism in Sri Lanka. We appreciate the efforts taken by the Sri Lanka Tourism Development Authority to boost tourism in Sri Lanka by various means and we are encouraged by them to contribute our part for the cause. We are looking forward to host Jay again and definitely look forward to hosting many more foreign vloggers and influencers in the future as well.” Commented Athif Bawa, Head of Classic Destinations.

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