Reports circulating that taking selfies in the Colombo Port City is being charged are false

(LANKAPUVATH | COLOMBO) – The Colombo Port City project company says that the rumors circulating on social media that taking personal photos and videos in the Colombo Port City will be charged are completely untrue.

However, a fee structure has been introduced for private events and professional / commercial photos and videos.

The project company has taken this decision due to the large number of requests received regarding such filming after the opening of the sidewalk in front of the light yacht dock in the Colombo Port City recently.

The project company has also found that taking photographs and videos for commercial purposes disturbs the public and violates the privacy of other people visiting the port city.

The new fee structure and deadlines have been announced with a view to safeguarding the public as well as the ongoing construction work in the Port City, minimizing the inconvenience to the public and providing a better service to those who wish to obtain photographs and videos.

The sidewalk in front of the light yacht dock in the Colombo Port City is open to the public from 9.00 am to 6.00 pm, and paid photography and video recording can be made before 9.00 am or any other convenient time.

However, the project company emphasizes that this fee scheme does not apply to those who take personal photos, videos or selfies in the Colombo Port City premises using their personal mobile phones or cameras.

Also, reputable media and social media outlets will be able to obtain photographs or videos for non-commercial news and current affairs at the Colombo Port City premises after obtaining proper permission from the relevant authorities.

The new fee will apply only to private events, weddings, product or fashion promotions, music videos, advertising or other commercial photography or video recording. Proceeds from this will be credited to the Estate Management Company (EMC), which manages public places in the Port City of Colombo, and the money will be used for maintenance (public parks, toilets, garbage disposal, etc.).

Previously, places like the Port City’s light vessel dock, golf course, beach park and ATV track have already been open to the public through these private service providers for paid photography or filming.

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