Nations Trust Bank enables LankaSignDigital Signatures with LankaPay

(LANKAPUVATH | COLOMBO) – Nations Trust Bank PLC adds value to customers by enabling digital signatures for transactions partnering with the ‘LankaSign’ digital certification authority powered by LankaPay.The digital signature is a safe and convenient featurethatstrengthens the Bank’s digital vision to enablea smooth digital banking journey by empowering customers to take control of their banking needs, end to end.

The ‘digital signature’ that comesin the form of a secure cryptographic code that only a particular person can use to sign documents is highly secure and reduces the risk of duplication or alteration of the document or the signature itself. The legally valid, internationally recognizedand environmental-friendly digital signature will especially help businesses save on cost and time with documents and contracts being signed off with just a click of a button.

Priyantha Talwatte, Chief Executive Officer of Nations Trust Bank PLC commented on the initiative. “Banking is becoming more reliant on digital technology with each passing day, whilst limiting the use of paper is mandatory to protect the environment. In this backdrop, the need for digital signatures is all the more pressing and we are delighted to partner with LankaPayfor their LankaSigndigital signature service as a part of our ongoing digital journey.”He said, adding, “While our corporate and commercial banking customers enjoy the Nations Trust Bank Cash Management solution to self-serve their banking needs, the Bankhas taken an additional step to deploy digital signaturesonlegally valid digital contracts. This will enable added banking convenience in a digitally secured manner.”

Asa pioneer in digital banking, Nations Trust Bank has rolled out a number of digital solutions to both retail and business customers and has transformed more than 80% of the transactions to a fully digital format. Theintroduction of digital signaturesis a key step towardsdigitalizing and automating processes across the Bank, which help increase efficiency and provide a seamless experience forall Nations Trust Bank customers as well as employees.

Welcoming Nations Trust Bank aboard, Channa de Silva, General Manager/Chief Executive Officer of LankaClear – the operator of LankaPay Network, stated“We are indeed delighted to onboard Nations Trust Bank as another progressive bank for our LankaSign digital certification service. LankaSign is the only authorized Certification Authority (CA) in Sri Lanka thatissues digital certificates in compliance with the Electronic Transactions Act and therefore, documents signed using LankaSign Digital Signatures are admissible as electronic evidence in a Court of Law. This protects the interest of both the Bank and its customers. Furthermore, introducing digital signatures to documents would help Nations Trust Bank to drastically improveinternal efficienciesand provide convenience toall their customersto further enhance customer experience” he added.

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