Nations Trust Private Banking Members Get Exclusive Access at Geoffrey Bawa: “It is Essential to be There” Exhibition

(LANKAPUVATH | COLOMBO) – Nations Trust Bank Private Banking, the local partner of the“GeoffreyBawa: It is Essential to be There” exhibition, has lined up a range of events for its discerning Private Banking Memberswith exclusive access to Bawa’sdistinct architecture practice.Curated by Shayari de Silva, the Lunuganga Trust’s Curator of Geoffrey Bawa Art & Archival Collection, the Trust’s first key exhibition has been open to public viewingfrom February 1stand will run until April 3rd, 2022at The Stables, Park Street Mews, Colombo.

ChannaDaswatte, the Chairperson of the Geoffrey Bawa Trust and one of Bawa’s last architectural partners,took Nations Trust Bank Private Banking Members on a specially curated tour of the exhibitionon the 8th of March 2022. During the exclusive tour, Daswatte shared first-hand accounts of what it was like to be a part of Bawa’s practice and insights from his own experiences working on projects like Kandalama, the reconstruction of the Bentota Beach Hotel, giving the audience an opportunity to reflect on the collaborative nature of any spatial practice.

“It’s been apleasure to work with theGeoffrey Bawa Trustand we’re happy to have been a part of this exhibition to reveal some of Bawa’s work to the world for the first time.At Nations Trust Private Banking, we are committed to offering ourmembersunique experiences, especially to enrich their passion and appreciation for art and creativityand we hope that these events with exclusive access to the works of one of Asia’s most influential architects will help our Private Banking Members to have a truly timeless experience.” stated Nations Trust Bank’s Chief Marketing Officer, Sanjaya Senarath.

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