Sri Lanka Prime Minister promising solutions to the economic crisis appeals to the protesters to be patient

(LANKAPUVATH | COLOMBO) – In a special address to the nation Monday night, Sri Lanka’s Prime Minister Mahinda Rajapaksa said the government is engaged in a massive program to overcome the current economic crisis and requested the protesters to be patient as every second they protest, the country loses the revenues.

In the televised speech, Prime Minister Rajapaksa reminded the youth who are calling for the entire parliament of 225 to ‘go home’ how the attempts in the past to destroy the democratic system led to bloodshed in streets.

“The slogan ‘No 225’ is now heard in Parliament. If it means rejecting this democratic system, then its danger must be understood by looking at history. We witnessed the tragedy of bombing the parliament and trying to destroy the entire parliament,” he said.

“Knowing the consequences, we ask our dear sons and daughters not to take back the motherland in which you were born and live in back to that dark past.”

The Premier said every second of the President and the government is spent to save our country from this crisis.

Acknowledging that the President’s organic fertilizer program, although good for the country was ill-timed, the Prime Minister said the government has decided to return the fertilizer subsidy to the farmers

“The country needs to recover from the crises it has faced, including the unbearable cost of living and the shortage of paper. Even if it is not possible in two or three days, we will take action to stop this crisis as soon as possible,” the Premier pledged.

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