Patali requests Prime Minister to clarify the political and economic roadmap

(LANKAPUVATH | COLOMBO) – The Leader of the 43 Division Samagi Jana Balawegaya parliamentarian Patali Champika Ranawaka has sent a letter to the Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe requesting him to clarify the political and economic roadmap of the new government.

“We extend our congratulations to you on your re-appointment as Prime Minister of the country. We also appreciate your commitment to the country’s economic and political crisis at a time when many responsible people are shirking their responsibilities for various reasons,” Ranawaka wrote.

Therefore, MP Ranawaka said he is writing to the PM on behalf of a group of Members of Parliament working collectively in order to draw attention to few facts that need to be explained by the PM other than the common criticisms and some suggestions that they think are important at this time.

The letter to PM further says:

The economic crisis that arose due to the wrong economic policy pursued by the Rajapaksa government which led to the economic bankruptcy of the country, turned into a political crisis with the struggle of the youth.

What emerged in this struggle was an inescapable reality that political slogans were more important than economic ones.

The essence of these slogans is that the Rajapaksas relinquish power, introduce democratic constitutional reforms, curb corruption and looting, build a political community that behaves ethically, and build a civil society that protects human dignity without racial or religious discrimination.

You became the Prime Minister as a result of the process of intensifying that political struggle. Therefore, we are of the view that your response to the political demands that have arisen on the ground of the Gota Go Gama struggle should be immediately presented to the country in a clear, concise and transparent manner.

A simple statement that “Security will be provided to Gota go Gama” is by no means sufficient in that regard.

While some leaders are calling for impractical elections and mandates at this juncture, we continue to hold the view that a caretaker Interim Government should be established to address this crisis.

Therefore, if such a government is formed, it is our duty to support it.

If the government you are going to lead is to become such a government, it is essential that you put before the country the action plan and its roadmap for fulfilling the above political demands that have arisen from the youth struggles.

Here we expect an open answer from you regarding the following questions.

01. What is the course of action you are taking to bring to the justice the thug political forces of the Sri Lanka Podujana Peramuna who attacked the peaceful protest site ‘Gota go Gama’ on May 09, 2022, initiating violence across the country? And what action will you take after that regarding the destruction of the lives and property of political leaders representing the ruling party such as ministers and MPs?

02. Has President Gotabaya Rajapaksa discussed with you the dates for his resignation? What are your actions in this regard?

03. What is the course of action you are taking to bring justice to the victims of the Easter Sunday Attack by initiating a new independent investigation process, acknowledging the shortcomings of the ongoing investigations to bring those responsible for the Easter attack?

04. What is the time frame within which you agree to bring in the 21st Amendment to the Constitution, which restricts the powers of the President and empowers the Independent Judiciary, Police, Public Service, Elections, Audit Commissions, etc.?

05. Are you working to expedite the introduction of electoral law reform that will ensure the internal democracy of political parties, financial transparency, accountability to society and the prevention of political bias in the electronic media during elections?

I would also like to draw your attention to the following suggestions.

01. The program you are proposing to obtain emergency foreign exchange to maintain the essential services required by the country should be made public before the country.

02. Your views on Fiscal Stabilization and Debt Restructuring should be made public.

03. I propose to create a structure that would allow the representatives of youth activists can oversee the parliamentary process to transform their political demands into public policy.

04. I propose to establish an anti-corruption mechanism similar to the one in place in Singapore and Hong Kong on corruption prevention before the next election.

05. I propose to transform the Central Bank of Sri Lanka into an independent institution, completely free from politicization and accountable to Parliament.

06. I propose to ensure that the state intelligence and security services do not become political pawns and maintain their independence.

We are of the view that the openness you showed in presenting the 100 days program containing economic and political action during the 2015 regime change should be shown at this time as well. Therefore, we request you to clarify to us the political and economic roadmap of the interim government that you will form.

We respectfully state that we look at it and decide at what level we support our government.


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