India was a solution-giver for the world during Covid-19 pandemic: PM Modi

(LANKAPUVATH | COLOMBO) – PM Modi released benefits under PM-CARES for children who lost their parents during the Covid-19 pandemic

By trusting its scientists, doctors, and youth during the COVID–19 pandemic, India did not become a problem but was a solution-giver for the world, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said on Monday.

He also said that coming out of the negative impact of Covid-19, India had become one of the fastest growing economies in the world.

He was speaking via video conferencing at an event to announce benefits under the PM CARES for Children Scheme for those who lost both their parents or legal guardians to Covid-19.

These include Rs 4,000 per month through various schemes to meet their daily needs, Rs 10 lakhs and health coverage on attaining the age of 23 years, and loans for higher education.

Speaking about the Covid-19 pandemic, Prime Minister Modi said that in an atmosphere of negativity, India relied on its strength.

“We trusted our scientists, our doctors, and our youth. And, we came out as a ray of hope, not a worry for the world. We did not become the problem but we came out as the solution giver. We sent medicines, and vaccines to countries around the world. Even in such a big country, we took the vaccine to every citizen,” he said.

Prime Minister Modi empathized with the challenges faced by the children whose loved ones died as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic. He said, “Every day’s struggle, every day’s challenges. It is difficult to put into words the pain of the children who are with us today, for whom this program is happening.”

He added that he was addressing them “as a family member, not as Prime Minister.”

The Prime Minister also stated that if someone needs student loans for professional or higher education, PM-CARES will be able to assist them. Apart from this, other programmes have also been arranged to provide them with Rs 4,000 per month for their other daily requirements, he pointed out.

Apart from the Rs 10 lakh, children will receive health care through the Ayushman Card and mental counselling through the Samvad Helpline for psychological and emotional help once they attain the age of 23.

Prime Minister Modi went on to praise the children for courageously facing the pandemic’s most severe effects, saying that nothing can replace a parent’s love.

He urged the children not to let “despair turn into defeat” by listening to their elders and teachers, reading books, staying disease-free, doing yoga, and being part of or leading the Khelo India and Fit India Movements. He continued that in such a negative environment, India depended on its strength.

The ceremony was attended by Union Minister Smriti Irani, as well as many other members of the Council of Ministers and Chief Ministers.

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