Sri Lanka closes schools for a week amid fuel crisis

(LANKAPUVATH | COLOMBO) – Sri Lanka’s Ministry of Education has announced that all government schools in the Colombo and suburbs, and all cities across the island will be closed next week, from Monday the 20th of June.

A decision has been made not to hold schools located in major cities in the Colombo region and adjoining cities of the Western Province and major cities in other provinces in the week from June 20-24.

Education Officers in all provinces, including the Western Province, were authorized to take appropriate action with regard to schools located in non-major urban areas.

A discussion was held this morning under the patronage of the Minister of Education Susil Premajayantha to reach a final decision.

Based on the information presented at the online discussion held with the officials of the Ministry of Education and the Provincial Education Officers It has been decided to conduct academic activities in schools during the week from 2022.06.20 to 2022.06 24 as follows.

The views obtained by the Provincial Directors of Education from the provincial, Zonal, and Divisional Directors of Education and the Principals were taken into consideration in making these decisions.

1. Permission was granted to the Provincial Education Officers to start and maintain schools in schools with low number of students at the divisional level under conditions where transportation difficulties do not affect the students, teachers and principals.

2. Also, considering the number of students and teachers who are unable to attend a school, the principals were allowed to take appropriate action in consultation with the Zonal Director of Education if it is possible to maintain the school on that condition as well.

3. If a group of students is not able to participate even when the school is running, it is possible to use the online method if there are facilities for online teaching for those students.

4. It has been decided not to hold schools this week in the Colombo region of the Western Province and in the suburbs and in the major cities of other provinces.

All Provincial Education Officers, including the Western Province, were authorized to take appropriate action with regard to schools located in non-major urban areas.

5. The Public Utilities Commission has agreed not to disconnect the power supply from 08.00 am to 01.00 pm to facilitate online teaching on weekdays.

The Ministry of Education appreciates the voluntary work of principals and teachers during this period and further instructed the Provincial Education Officers to consider this as such.

The decision regarding the week starting from 27th June will be issued after the discussion to be held with the Provincial Education Officers on next Saturday, 25th June to focus and review the process taking place during this week.


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