BASL requests all citizens to adhere to the constitution and respect the rule of law

(LANKAPUVATH | COLOMBO) – The Bar Association of Sri Lanka expressing concern about statements made by various protesting groups requested all citizens to adhere to the Constitution and respect the rule of law.

Issuing a statement, the Bar Association expressed its concern over the statements attributed to various parties including those who were part of the protest groups which appear to undermine the rule of law and Constitutional Governance in Sri Lanka.

The BASL “unequivocally” stated that at this decisive time in the county it is absolutely necessary that all citizens, respect the Rule of Law and Constitutional Governance.

“It is not in the best interests of our country or its people to ignore the provisions of the Constitution which is the framework under which Sri Lanka is governed. Respect for the Constitution, its Institutions and the Rule of Law will ensure the continuing functions of the Government which are vital to the life of the community and its people.”

They reiterated their call for a peaceful and smooth transition of power while accepting the short-term framework presented by party leaders.

The BASL also noting that the President’s House, Temple Trees and the Presidential Secretariat are being occupied by members of the protest groups and that large crowds continue to visit the premises, said they are extremely concerned of reports of acts of vandalism at Temple Trees and the President’s House.

The BASL called upon those occupying these premises to ensure that the proper authorities are given custody of these buildings and ensure the protection of documents and other public properties.

The BASL urged all Parties to continue to find solutions to the current economic and political instability in a democratic manner, through the existing constitutional framework and legal process and to advocate for changes in a manner that does not undermine the administration of justice.

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