T-56 weapon and bullets stolen by protesters

(LANKAPUVATH | COLOMBO) – A T-56 weapon and bullets belonging to the Army have been stolen by protesters who clashed with troops near Parliament last night.

The Police said that a complaint has been received over the missing weapon.

According to the Police, 60 bullets were stolen together with the weapon.

The protesters clashed with the Army following a tense situation at the Polduwa junction last night.

Hundreds clashed with the Army in an attempt to enter the Speaker’s official residence and Parliament.

The protesters pulled down one line of defence and attempted to go past the next using a backhoe loader.

The Army, however, gave chase to the protesters and fired in the air at times.

The protesters alleged that several people were assaulted by the troops, including women and children.

Some protesters were seen taking metal objects from Diyatha Uyana and sticks to retaliate.

The protesters were also seen man-handling a soldier during the clash.

A curfew and emergency law had been in place at the time.

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