Proclamation on the State of Emergency passed in Parliament

(LANKAPUVATH | COLOMBO) – The proclamation on the State of Emergency declared under the Public Security Ordinance has been passed in Parliament with a majority of 57 votes on Wednesday (27).

A total of 120 votes cast in favor of the proclamation while 63 votes cast against it, when the vote was taken this evening following the debate held since this morning.

Accordingly, it was passed by a majority of 57 votes.

The Parliament was subsequently adjourned until August 09, 2022.

This proclamation was made by the then Acting President through the Special Gazette No. 2288/30 dated July 17, 2022 and according to the legal provisions, if the approval of the Parliament is not obtained within 14 days for the said proclamation, it will be cancelled.

It is stated in the gazette that this proclamation has been issued in accordance with the powers vested in the President in terms of the Public Security Ordinance to ensure public security and the protection of the public order and the maintenance supplies and services essential to the life of community.

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