PS member arrested in connection with Rs. 22 million robbery in Thambuttegama

(LANKAPUVATH | COLOMBO) – Another person has been arrested in connection with the attempted robbery of Rs. 22.3 million yesterday afternoon (26) in front of a private bank in Thambuttegama.

The arrested suspect is a member of Rajanganaya Pradeshiya Sabha.

A Sergeant of the Thambuttegama Police yesterday, managed to successfully thwart an attempt by two armed robbers to rob Rs.22.3 million from a wholesale trader who has come to the private bank to deposit the money.

According to the Police, when the businessman stopped the car in front of the bank’s entrance and got out with his bag of money, two men on a motorcycle wearing full face helmets approached him. They attacked the businessman with their firearms, snatched the bags containing money from him and planned to flee again.

When the businessman fell to the ground, the two security officers of the bank immediately took him inside the bank building for safety and the robbers managed to escape from there.

As the two gunmen were fleeing with two bags full of money, several bundles of currency notes had fallen from one of the bags near the road.

The currency notes on the ground caught the eye of Police Sergeant Buddhika Kumara (42313), who had come to the nearby filling station to get fuel for his motorbike.

When he inquired about the money, a woman has shouted that a robbery had taken place at the bank.

Accordingly, the police officer who acted immediately chased the two robbers and tried to prevent them from escaping. At that time, one of the robbers pointed his firearm at the police officer’s chest, but the officer managed to hit the robber and prevented him from shooting.

Meanwhile, the residents also have come to the aid of the Police Officer and prevented the suspects from escaping.

The two suspects, aged 48 and 50, are residents of the same area. The police also seized a 12-bore firearm, 12-bore ammunition and a manna knife were from their possession.

Police Media Spokesman SSP Nihal Thalduwa said the 48-year-old robber is a retired Army personnel who is now employed as a Security guard of the bank.

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