SLT-MOBITEL Enterpriseoffers the Hospitality Sector a comprehensive suite of technological solutions to support resurgence

(LANKAPUVATH | COLOMBO) – Understanding the current needs of the unique and differnentiated hotel industry inproviding tourists with rewarding experiences, SLT-MOBITEL Enterprise is offeringa comprehensive suite of technological solutionsand outstanding packages contributing to the resurgence of the hospitality sector and supporting national growth.

Inviting sector stakeholders to equip theirhotels and properties with the best ICT solutions,empowering their businesses and facilitatingan increase in tourist arrivals, Check-In solution is a cloud-based system enabling establishments to stay in control from even afar.

Check-In business solution comprises key features including a Booking Engine integrated with a payment gateway and online travel agents, Calendar Management with a customizable calendar and real time updates, Payment and Invoicing Modules, a Housekeeping Module with ability to automate assignment of tasks, CRM functionalities to track customer information and needs, and the facility to generate large variety of reports.

Further enhancing guest experience, SLT-MOBITEL Enterprise provides next generation voice, networking, data hosting and managed services as a one-stop-shop including unbeatable offers making the hospitality sector smarter through technology and able to grow faster.

SLT-MOBITEL Enterpriseoffers Voice service enabling hotels to convert their communication system into their unique communication circle. A range of Fixed and Mobile connectivity offers are available for properties to conduct their internal communication conveniently and without interruptions.

Unlimited Internet is also provided to meet all needs.Enterprise Wi-Fi is available ensuring visitors have access to seamless internet service,supportinghotels to manage data by tokenizing data. In addition, an unrivalled Extra GB package is available to help hotels enhance their digital presence or conduct day-to-day activities.

Providing the best entertainment options for hotel customers, PEO TV offers up-to 15 connections through one single fibre line.Securinghotel PCs andlaptops from unwanted cyber threats, SLT-MOBITEL Enterprise provides Kaspersky IP End pointas part of the solution. Surveillance solutions are also accessible catering to diverse security needs.

Bizchat, the specialized chatbot service is available to help hotel employees respondto customer queries 24 x 7. Supporting guests gain access instant information on the country and attractions, the TeDi Alexa Smart Hub as a tech-drive solution is also available.

For more information on the suite of solutions available for the hospitality sector, contact Tel – 011 2389 389, Whatsapp – 070 500 4000 or email – [email protected],


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