Kidderminster man catches giant goldfish

(LANKAPUVATH | COLOMBO) – Now here’s something you don’t see at the fair – a man using two hands to lift a goldfish nearly as big as he is.

Worcestershire angler Andy Hackett landed the orange beast while on a trip to France, in a region worthy of toasting such success – Champagne.

The giant, known as The Carrot, was introduced to Bluewater Lakes there 20 years ago, proving elusive since.

But then came along Mr Hackett and rod; using, you might say, a Carrot and stick approach.

The fish, he explained, was a hybrid of a leather carp and a koi carp and after a 25-minute battle, it was all over. The goldfish that had been a white whale to many was in Mr Hackett’s net.

“You’re gonna need a bigger bowl,” was everyone’s first thought, quickly followed by whether there were scales large enough to weigh scaly Carrot.

But a weigh-in was achieved, with this beauty’s vital statistic being a whopping 30kg (67 pounds).

And yet there was no need for a mountain of potatoes for chips – The Carrot was released back from whence he came to leave another angler with a chance of a fishy tale.

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