99x helps Sweden-based CarCare to scale within the Scandinavian automotive industry

(LANKAPUVATH | COLOMBO) – Leading technology company 99x, with its local product engineering expertise, has helped the Swedish startup CarCare to scale up within the Scandinavian automotive industry to become a market leader in lead-time management. The collaboration also charts a path for 99x to expand its presence in the Scandinavian market further.

Since its inception in 2017, CarCare has fetched the most advanced technology in the automobile industry to disrupt the industry tremendously. The team is a group of individuals with a passion for cars, and they are committed to creating the best possible service for their customers from beginning to end. CarCare’s sophisticated lead time management system, built by 99x using cutting-edge technologies, is one of the fastest-growing solutions in Sweden to increase the turnover rate of used car sales and increase control and efficiency in new car sales. The SaaS-based (Software-as-a-Service) system helps monitor and improve the turnover rate of car inventories, creating an unparalleled experience for car re-sellers and buyers.

“One of the biggest challenges Carcare faced was finding the right talent in Sweden to build a next-gen lead automation tool. CarCare chose 99x to implement its lead management system as they were looking for a technology partner. We are extremely honored to collaborate with CarCare and are excited to expand our presence in the Scandinavian market further,” said Prasath Mahalingam, Chief Business Development Officer at 99x.

As the product engineering partner, apart from development the 99x team continues to bring in more inputs towards the domain and suggests changes to the solutions. Starting with a 3-member team, the CarCare team at 99x today has grown to a diverse group of 11.

“With their expertise, 99x helped us to scale significantly during the last five years. What we appreciate about them the most is the business domain knowledge that they bring to the table. That is something we lacked with our previous business partners to come up with ideas that are not only related to the technical side of things but also great knowledge about the automotive industry. These insights brought great value to us. Furthermore, finding the right software engineering talent is hard. With 99x’s world-class pool of software engineers, we were able to overcome that challenge significantly and they have helped us to onboard resources into our project without any hassle,” said Lars Eriksson, Chief Executive Officer at CarCare.

99x believes connecting culturally is more important than just connecting technically. This is the only way a product engineering partner can engage in your core value chain. Having worked on Scandinavian engagements for 15 years 99x has adopted much of the Nordic thinking and thus has developed a culture of high trust, informality, and transparency that mirrors the culture of the Scandinavian companies they work with.

99x, a technology business with its headquarters in Norway collaborates in developing, inventive, well-engineered digital products for the Scandinavian market. A big part of its mission involves public engagement. It welcomes the opportunity to share its ideas and experiences with the broader business community, colleges and universities, and organizations working to build a great workplace culture for all.


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