Egg producers reject revised prices for eggs, court to hear the case on February 6th

(LANKAPUVATH | COLOMBO) – The Egg Producers Association has informed the Court of Appeal yesterday (14) that it cannot agree on the new revised prices for eggs presented by the Consumer Affairs Authority (CAA).

The Consumer Affairs Authority has informed the court that the Consumer Affairs Council which met yesterday has decided to set the maximum retail price of a white egg at 42 rupees and 44 rupees for brown eggs.

When the relevant case was called before the Court of Appeal bench consisting of Justices Prasantha De Silva and Khema Swarnadhipathi, the attorney for the Consumer Affairs Authority informed the court of the revised prices.

President’s Counsel Kuvera De Soysa, representing the Egg Producers’ Association, informed the court that his clients do not agree to these prices.

The President’s Counsel pointing out that the new prices are even lower than the existing control prices in the gazette announcement and it is not satisfactory at all, requested that this petition be ordered to be heard.

The Court of Appeal accepted the request and decided to hear this case on February 6th.

Also, the court issued an interim order suspending the gazette notification issued by the Consumer Service Authority on August 19, setting a control price for eggs, until the hearing is over.

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