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(LANKAPUVATH | COLOMBO) –  Hemas Pharmaceuticals, in collaboration with leading consumer wellness company Zydus Wellness, recently launched Complan, a nutritious food supplement in Sri Lanka. Complan is designed for growing school kids and contains 34 vital nutrientsalong with 100% milk protein.

The launch of this product in Sri Lanka will bring Complan’s belief that nutrition is the foundation for a happy and fulfilling life, to the masses. Building on this, Complan contains vitamins and mineralswhich are essential to maintain a healthy life, immunity and cognitive function. The nutritious drink will be available in Royal Chocolate and Creamy Classic flavours, which will appeal to the palate of everyone.

Speaking on the introduction of this new product to market, Jude Fernando, Managing Director at Hemas Pharmaceuticals said, “As a company that has continued to enrich the lives of Sri Lanka’s citizenry, we felt that Complan was exactly the product that the Sri Lankan market needed. Given the fast paced lifestyles of many, missing out on essential nutrients during meals has become the norm. Adding Complan into yourkid’s daily routine will replenish these lacking essentials, leading to a healthier and uplifted quality of life.”

Speaking on the launch, Tarun Arora, CEO Zydus Wellness said, “Zydus Wellness is focused on improving health and wellness for the consumers. Today’s parents believe in investing in their child’s future early on and consider nutrition one of the key areas of development for their child. Complan which is scientifically formulated with a balanced mix of vital nutrients and 100% milk protein, can empower, enable and be a part of every parent’s journey towards providing their child with the right growth to keep them ahead in life. We are thrilled to be partnering with Hemas Pharmaceuticals to bring Complan to Sri Lanka and support the nutrition needs of our young consumers here.”

It is noteworthy that the launch of Complan comes soon after the successful launch of Sugarlite in Sri Lanka, a natural blend of cane sugar and stevia which delivers 50% less calories than ordinary sugar, which is also under the portfolio of Zydus Wellness.

Zydus Wellness is a leading consumer wellness companywith over 30 yearsof operation, with an Indian heritage and a global footprint, spanning over 20 countries in 3 continents.The company believes that a healthy lifestyle is not just about being active but also about feeling good from within.Therefore, Zydus Wellness follows an approach to health and wellness in a holistic manner. Since its inception, the company has nurtured and energised millions of lives by offering a variety of innovative, industry-leading products.

As the market leader in Sri Lanka, Hemas Pharmaceuticals has shaped the country’s healthcare industry for over 70 years through innovation and the establishment of the nation’s most extensive and comprehensive distribution network. The Company provides world class Distribution, Marketing and Channel solutions to its global portfolio of brands and partners. Hemas Pharmaceuticals is a member of HemasHoldings PLC , which is one of Sri Lanka’s most respected corporate entities with a history spanning over 70 years.


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