DFCC Bank Leads Space in People Management Best Practices Underscored by Values

(LANKAPUVATH | COLOMBO) – The functions of Human Resources (HR) departments have grown more complex over time as organizations have realized the true value of human capital. A leader in the banking and financial services space, and a pioneer in sustainable finance, DFCC Bank is also a leader in the space for People Management best practices. Understanding how People Management is more than an administrative department and how adopting best practices can help the Bank achieve its broader strategic goals, DFCC has invested heavily in its HR department and people. These measures include empowering women, creating a diverse, inclusive, and equitable work environment, and promoting open, meritocratic culture.

Commenting on how DFCC Bank uses its values to help create value for all stakeholders, particularly its employees, Sonali Jayasinghe, Senior Vice President – Human Resources, said, “We believe values help shape and sustain our corporate culture, and align employees towards a common purpose. They influence everyday attitudes and inspire us towards positive action, contributing to the overall success of the organization as well as creating a positive work environment for everyone. We have created an open, multichannel formal internal communication and grievance escalation mechanism while maintaining many informal channels, such as our Listening Wall, where anyone can share ideas, suggestions or concerns openly or anonymously.”

Through its HR policies and activities, the Bank espouses its values of customer-centricity, professionalism, teamwork, accountability, social responsibility, ethical behaviour, innovation, stewardship, and DEI (diversity, equity, and inclusion). In addition to this, DFCC Bank emphasizes and prioritizes wellness, in all its various aspects, amongst its people. A significant initiative in this regard is the DFCC OMMM initiative, which seeks to improve the overall wellness of staff through the formulation of sustainable wellness strategies and goals, including a focus on mental wellness. One of the flagship projects of the initiative has been the promotion of cycling to work and for pleasure as a lifestyle.

DFCC Bank is also a leader in terms of women’s empowerment, both in terms of its product offering, spearheaded by its DFCC Aloka proposition, and in terms of creating and fostering a women-friendly workplace and helping women climb the corporate ladder. Sonali Jayasinghe added, “DFCC Bank has taken an intentional and systematic approach towards encouraging and developing our female employees to take leadership roles. Our hiring, advancement, performance management, remuneration and other HR policies and practices are transparent and targeted toward providing equal opportunities for all. In addition to our other formal and informal internal communication and support systems, our “Reach Out” programme provides women with a unique support network to seek advice on personal or professional matters.”

DFCC HR has also transitioned to a new cloud based HRMS providing more features, flexibilities, and a more interactive user experience. The Bank’s intranet, WeConnect, has also recently been upgraded using internal expertise, while the increased use of digital platforms for meetings and training hasbrought about more conveniences. The Bank’s e-learning platform, “E-Academy,” has also proved invaluable in facilitating staff access to a comprehensive knowledge base on demand.

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