Sarvodaya Development Finance PLC Wins Gold Award for Transparency, Accountability, Governance and Sustainability (TAGS) Reporting

(LANKAPUVATH | COLOMBO) – In recognition of its commitment to and excellence in Transparency, Accountability, Governance and Sustainability (TAGS) reporting, Sarvodaya Development Finance PLC, one of Sri Lanka’s leading licensed development finance companies, was presented with a Gold Award at the TAGS Awards, conducted by the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Sri Lanka.

The award was presented to Sarvodaya Development Finance PLC (SDF) at the TAGS Awards Ceremony, held at the Shangri La Hotel Colombo, on the 6th of December 2022. Nilantha Jayanetti, CEO, and Mahesh Jayasanka, Chief Manager Finance accepted the award on behalf of SDF.

The TAGS Awards recognizes the best companies in Sri Lanka in the arena of corporate reporting, both in terms of financial and non-financial reporting, with a view to increasing and strengthening standards for transparency, accountability, governance and sustainability reporting in the country. The programme also recognizes organizations’ efforts to embrace digitalization and transformation to uphold the integrity of financial, environmental and social reporting. Organizations that continued to remain transparent and accountable, regardless of size or profits, while taking necessary steps to give back to society and protect the planet, were given their due recognition at the event.

Expressing pleasure at receiving the award, and commenting on SDF’s sustainable and transparent ethos, CEO, Nilantha Jayanetti said, “We are honoured to receive this prestigious award, and be recognized for our consistent and longstanding commitment to the values of transparency, accountability, good corporate governance and sustainability. This award demonstrates that both investors and customers can trust in our consistent performance and the security of their funds and investments. Impact investors, in particular, can rest assured that their funds are being utilized for good. Our values have paved the way for sustainable and organic growth, supported by TAGS principles at all times. We will continue to focus on growth and development through value creation, as a development finance company, with a focus on uplifting livelihoods, empowering women, supporting SME development, social development and rural economic emancipation. We take this opportunity to thank our investors, depositors and customers for trusting us and investing in human and social development.”

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