Steps to update grades 6-13 curriculum starting in 2024

(LANKAPUVATH | COLOMBO) – Minister of Education Dr. Susil Premajayantha says that discussions are underway to update the curriculum of all grades from grade 6 to 13 from the coming year 2024, and start teaching artificial intelligence in grade 8.

The minister said that artificial intelligence will be included as an optional subject or in the curriculum and students will have the opportunity to study that subject along with information technology.

He also said that the approval of the Cabinet of Ministers is to be obtained within two weeks for the policy on digitalization of education, which is the basis of all these educational transformation processes.

The Minister of Education dislcosed this information while participating in the awarding of prizes and certificates of the Huawei Information Technology (ICT) competition held in Colombo for the second time.

He said that, since the future of the youth in this country rests with the improvement of technology, the opportunities for students to enter the university should be systematically increased so as to open up opportunities for it.

Science and technology courses should be increased in higher education and enough science and mathematics teachers should be given to schools in rural areas to provide opportunities for this based on the concept of school clusters or school clusters under good resource management, the Minister emphasized.

“Countries at the same level as us are currently 10 years ahead of us in the field of technology and since we cannot go back to the 20th century from the 3rd decade of the 21st century, we must achieve the goal of going to a mandatory education transformation process in the next five years,” Mr. Susil Premajayantha further said.

Board of Investment Chairman Dinesh Weerakkody and Huawei Sri Lanka CEO Tao Guang also joined the event.

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