Imported Eggs are prohibited for general consumption

(LANKAPUVATH | COLOMBO) – The Ministry of Agriculture says that it has been decided to use the eggs imported into Sri Lanka only for the bakery industry.

The government decided to import eggs in order to reduce the shortage of eggs that affected the consumers of this country in recent days.

However, the Department of Animal Production and Health did not give permission for the import of eggs as bird flu epidemics were reported from several countries from where eggs can be easily imported.

Considering the shortage and need of eggs in the country, the Animal Production and Health Department has given permission to temporarily import eggs.

Minister of Agriculture Mahinda Amaraweera said that these imported eggs should not be allowed to be sold in stores for general consumption.

Accordingly, the Minister has asked the Director General of Department of Animal Production and Health, Dr. (Mrs.) K.A.C.H.A. Kothalawala to immediately prepare a series of guidelines regarding the use of imported eggs in the bakery industry.

It has been instructed that gloves should be used when handling the imported eggs in the bakery industry, and eggshells should be disposed of or destroyed safely. It has been further advised to ensure that the remaining eggshells are not released into the environment.

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