Sirocco Introduces Fresh Water Swimming Pool Technology to Sri Lanka

(LANKAPUVATH | COLOMBO) – Sirochem Aqua (Pvt) Ltd, a subsidiary of the Sirocco Group of Companies, recently held an open forum at the Jetwing Colombo Seven hotel to promote their vision to build and convert domestic and industrial swimming pools using chlorine free technology.

Distinguished architects and engineers were in attendance, searching for innovation and progressive developments in pool technology that had the potential to enhance their projects. Sirochem Aqua hosted their international partner – NatureSwim, where the CEO/Development Director, Mr. Mattias Nordin introduced the cutting-edge technology used in their efforts to recreate scientific purifying techniques that have been inspired by naturally occurring systems which enable harmful substances to be filtered from the pool water, making it safe enough to even drink. In fact, the extensive electronic oxidizing, ionization and ultrasonic processes used, turns unrefined water into essentially purified drinking water itself!

With over 14 years in operation, Sirocco has the largest portfolio of ventilation fans in the market and has completed close to 1500+ installations for a variety of local and international clientele in air purification and ventilation systems, which is their core business. As air purification systems entered the spotlight during the COVID 19 pandemic, the critical issue of air purification was given prominence and Sirocco was able to use their considerable expertise in the trade to help support vital infrastructure like hospital ICUs. As Sirocco diversifies into fresh water swimming pools, Managing Director, Mr. Suren Chandraratna, explored the company’s legacy in being one of the first businesses to pioneer solutions in chlorine free swimming pools and is proud to realize his father’s dream today with Sirochem Aqua (Pvt) Ltd that brings to the market, a healthier and more sustainable solution for both residential and commercial swimming pools. MrChandraratna acknowledged that the current industry regulations continue to determine the standards of swimming pools by assessing the quantum of chlorine in the water, rather than analyzing the water purity. He further stated that this status quo needs to be reconsidered to ensure progressive standards for the future.

The vices of traditional swimming pools that are rendered safe for human use, using chlorine were compared with the virtues of fresh water pools at length, which identified a plethora of reasons to consider making the switch. From exacerbating harmful skin conditions to increasing maintenance costs, the environmentally friendly, state-of-the-art, advanced oxidation process technology introduced by ‘NatureSwim’ that has been sanitizing pools for over 20 years with more than 10,000 systems installed around the world, is today an award-winning formula that is truly the future of swimming pools. Bolstered by the ‘NatureSwim’ technology, Sirochem Aqua’s partner- ‘Poolnologies’ provides a freshwater pool system with an innovative sanitisation mechanism that can be fitted onto existing pool systems and turns pools into perfectly clean and chemical-free freshwater pools.

Mr. Mattias Nordin stated that urgent and immediate action should be taken to move away from the traditional systems of using harmful chemical substances to clean pool water. The proposed mechanism is 100 times stronger and 1000 times faster at sanitizing pools than chlorine, thereby resulting in an immediate return on your investment by reducing your operation and maintenance costs. MrNordin extended his full support to Sirochem Aqua with the backing of his technical team and infrastructure and his gracious sentiments were accepted by Mr. Chandraratna, who expressed his confidence in the collaboration with the Poolnologies team to be able to provide an internationally recognized standard of pool technology to Sri Lanka. Sirochem Aqua (Pvt) Ltd is available for consultancy and is the industry leader in designing, constructing and converting fresh water swimming pools, as well as supplying pool equipment and installing jacuzzis and related pool maintenance. The proposed systems are NATA, NSF and pool & spa association Australia certified and was heralded as the  ‘Sustainable Product of the Year’ in 2018, awarded by the pool & spa association.

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